Thursday, February 17, 2011


i wanna feel your cheast and hear your heart beat . feel your breathe on my skin . take your hand and hold it gently looking into your eyes and knowing that all is right with the world . wanting so much to feel your lips on mine . the smell of your skin always lingering on mine . all the little things make me feel as if the planets colide and the whole world just stop spinning .wishing for time to stop so that i can look into your eyes just a little longer than usual . cause just by looking at your face i know without a doubt i would never find another . your smile is the reason my arteries and veins pump blood to my heart and my lungs breathe clean air . it keeps me happy and only wanting you in my life . you're the reason i'm still sane in this crazy life . i often thought that heaven sent us to earth and it is written who our otherhalf is . sure enough knowing that our life has its own path that will lead us to them . already knowing that we will spend the rest of our life as happy as can be with our human soulmates . but you came into my life and prove me wrong . heaven don't always send human as our soulmates . i should know . cause they sent me an angel like you to bring me joy and happiness for the rest of my life time .